The tipi was my first exercise in home ownership. I wanted to own a home, a place of my own, like so many other Americans in the home buying craze of 2006 / 2007, but I didn’t have the means to buy a proper “American” home. Instead I decided to explore other options and an entirely native notion of home. I love the idea of the tipi; it’s mobility, the sacred geometry of the structure, it’s lore and the fact that it was a huge canvas I could paint inside and out. I could live in one of my paintings, which I thought was pretty cool. 

The tipi is unbelievably comfortable, protective and a delight to reside in. I’ve traveled to many places with it and have had a lot of guests stay in it. At one point, it was featured on Airbnb as a top destination! The tipi is covered in symbols that signify some key influences in my life. The exterior has psychedelic color bursts representing fruit flowers and the black of night talons of fruit bats. There is a lotus flower image on the door to remind one of the sacred space they are about to enter. And the interior displays a Victorian motif in tribute to my life in San Francisco.